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At Digital Lantern, we firmly believe that video game and cinema technologies can be used for much more than just entertainment. We believe that these tools can uniquely help and propel innovators of all kinds by helping them visually communicate their ideas and concepts.
With 3D visualization tools we can help entrepreneurs grow and contribute to the innovations of the future.

Today, rich in its 19 years of experience with 3D technologies, our team continues to grow by providing its image production and 3D video services but also with its new real-time presentation platform allowing our customers to present their innovations remotely or during trade shows.


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Serge Morin

CEO / Founder

Visionary and precursor.  Since its acquisition in2013, Lanterne Digitale has continued to grow and reach new heights. As an accomplished 3D artist himself, he leads the entire production and establishes the artistic direction of the projects with a master's hand. His vision leads his team to continually push themselves and create breathtaking images.

Marielle Houde

Administrative director

With extensive experience in administration, management and management support of several companies, Marielle came to help implement a strong corporate cultureand new optimized management processes to support the company's growth. Her determination, character, enthusiasm and exceptional organizational skills make her the essential link between the management team and the production team.

At Lanterne Digitale, we strongly believe that video game and movie technologies can be used for much more than just entertainment purposes. We believe that these tools can uniquely help innovators of all kinds to make their ideas and concepts understood.

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