Lantern 3D Space

Take full advantage of your 3D technical drawings and present them on our real-time 3Dpresentation platform to accelerate time-to-market and user training.

Real-time 3D configurator

Present and configure your product under the watchful eye of your audience, as if you were there. Whether in person or remotely, make sure your product is understood by presenting all its detailed features, configuration options and possible finishes.

Cut open view of a plane engine.

3D animation without limits

Present complex systems and situations simply and without constraints. Cut through your product, showing its internal components invisible to the naked eye. Assemble and disassemble assemblies in exploded view, targeting important components, no matter how complex. Automated animation, exploded view, cross-sectional view, transparency and highlight views, component selection and isolation, integration of Technical Data Sheets - a multitude of functions have been designed to enable you to show every angle of a technology.

Cut out 3D view of all the pieces composing the airplane engine.

Generate your own visuals

With Lantern3Dspace, you'll also have your own 3D production studio. Thanks to integrated image capture, you can create your own perspectives of your products for use in your sales or training documentation, without any limitations, and without needing to be a 3D expert, or to call on the services of 3D specialists.

3D Configurator
3D Visualization Studio

A 3D solution dedicated to B2B marketing and training

In an increasingly virtual world, where distances are abolished and supply chains are in perpetual motion, it's vital to be able to react quickly and promote your technologies simply and cost-effectively. That's why we believe that a 3D solution dedicated to commercialization today is essential for innovators of all kinds.

Discover all the possibilities

With our solution, you can showcase your products in a striking way, and present 3D models of your innovation with superior visual quality that will capture your customers; attention. You'll gain visibility, accelerate sales and stand out from the crowd.

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Visual Quality
3D Visualization Studio

Superior visual quality

For the past 20 years, at Digital Lantern we've attached great importance to visual quality. We know that image quality not only guarantees the audience's attention, but also ensures a good understanding of the product being explored and avoids possible confusion. That's why our platform enables you to present every detailed element of your product with superior visual quality and precision.

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The wow effect in tradeshow

With pre-programmed animations or freely executed in front of your audience, demonstrate the full potential of your innovation with the exceptional image quality offered by the latest game engines.

Presenting the 3D Configurator of Digital Lantern in front of a a bunch of people at a conference.

Agility and flexibility in every context

Lantern 3D Space will give you greater responsiveness, enabling you to be agile in your sales actions and present your products in all circumstances, whatever the constraints...

A project manager utilizing the 3D Configurator of Digital Lantern in front of a class of students.A group of project managers sitting around table and reviewing the material made by the 3D Configurator made by Digital Lantern.

Present from anywhere to everywhere

With our platform, your products will follow you virtually everywhere you need them. You'll be ready to present them, with all their details, at the click of a button! Thanks to intuitive tools, you can react quickly to customer requests, optimizing your time to market.

A project manager utilizing the 3D Configurator of Digital Lantern.

Generate your own images

With the 3D Space capture tool, you can generate product perspectives according to your preferences, and build your own sales or training documentation, without needing to be a 3D expert.

2 experts working on a solution and looking at a laptop screen.
A project manager utilizing the 3D Configurator of Digital Lantern in front of a class of students.

For simple, effective training

Ensuring an intuitive, user-friendly experience is crucial to training today's and tomorrow's workforce and preparing them for the real world.  The adoption of VR/AR in product development processes and training is still very costly and, although promising, this technology has not yet reached maturity. It remains in development, and above all, it remains an obstacle for most learning users.

We believe that interaction with complex virtual environments should be fluid, ergonomic and, what's more, easy to understand thanks to image quality that's very close to reality and avoids confusion.

Desk with a mouse and keyboard.
A simple, intuitive solution

Although compatible with these technologies, our solution does not require VR headsets or other complex technologies. It has been designed to be simple to use and easy to learn. It uses the same functions as a standard video game, and our user-friendly interface guarantees a simple, pleasant and intuitive user experience! All you need is your computer and your mouse.

No costly infrastructure required

With our online application, there's no need for a state-of-the-art video card. Dedicated, secure servers guarantee ideal performance whether you're on your laptop or tablet...

3D black joystick.
Breaking down silos with proven technology

While the world of engineering has built powerful industrial design software, the world of video games has developed increasingly realistic and impressive visual representation capabilities with robust and efficient rendering engines.  Lantern3Dspace is simply the marriage of these two worlds. A simple, cost-effective, stand-alone solution that accelerates the step towards commercialization without slowing down the in-house development process.

3D Helicopter on a blue background.
Customized solution

Do you need a specific environment?  Unique functionalities? Our team is ready to adapt our 3D solution to your needs and create the perfect presentation tool for you!

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You have questions about our services? A project to evaluate? Or need a face-to-face or virtual consultation? Our evaluations are free.